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theory is unsuccessful without the other.  

General Information

The Econovum Academy Association of Professors for Management Training Ltd. is a registered institute of adult education, accredited under registration number AL-0835 by the Adult Education Accreditation Board (AEAB).

Our mission is to make a contribution to the development of "life-long learning" in Hungary, which has been considered a priority task in the European Union and the United States for many years. This required several years research and the development of innovative programs in adult education.

The Authority for Accrediting Adult Education Trainings has accredited "Corporate Business Administration Qualification", "Top Level Corporate Business Administration Qualification" and "DBA Qualification of Adult Education". These accredited programme qualifications are basically certified by the Econovum Academy within its own sphere of competence. The quality and range of our subjects in the Hungarian language fulfil the most modern requirements of further education today.

This way those busy people, who could not participate in adult learning besides working otherwise, can also acquire the knowledge similar to that offered within the school system. We believe that our programs presented fulfil these formal and content requirements. The content of subjects, developed together with professors and our teaching and examining activities totally met the requirements of both the market of adult education and the quality standards of our Academy.

The highest level of educational program in our institute has a dual aim:

- Widening the knowledge in the field chosen

- Further developing the Participants skills of research

The basic philosophy of our educational program is to further develop our Participants professional knowledge and intellectual abilities. By teaching concrete subjects strives to integrate new pieces of information to support effective work, research, planning and instruction. The aim of our programs is to upgrade these abilities to the highest level possible.

This program, developed for the best, is dedicated primarily for corporate leaders. The most important aim is to familiarize Participants with up-to-date theoretical and methodological knowledge in different fields of corporate management. Strategic management and planning, marketing and innovation, human resource management, account and finance gain emphasis within the training in addition to other subfields. As a result, an ability evolves in Participants that let them analyse the corporates real and innovative processes, which is inevitable for fulfilling an upper managers position.

As an example, we also present the program DBA qualification of adult education and the competences to be gained throughout the studies:

- Development of skills needed for high level research and application of knowledge in the chosen fields (economy, innovation, management, human resources, accounting and finance).

- Analysis, synthesis and creative problem solving abilities in order to carry out the research project at a high quality.

- Applying relevant subfields of economy in the business world. To achieve this, the academic thesis needs to be chosen according to the mentors field of work.

It is necessary to note that the subject consultations and examinations have to be carried out from the perspective of practical application. This training does not provide an academic Bologna level, which can be gained within the school system. However, the accredited adult training, having a more practical subject structure, provides a professional qualification rather than paper (degree) only.

In line with the conditions of a market economy, it is the employers who decide in the European Union whether a given qualification in this field of expertise is suitable for the requirements of a given position. This decision is supported by our practice of certifying the accomplished subjects and results for our Ă­participants. According to feedbacks, gaining a qualification that is in harmony with the international system means advantage in the labour market.

In the 20th year of our operation, we are already the popular in further education for high-ranking managers in the field of economic science. Our professors are recognised experts in their fields, as testified by their professional degree, vast number of publications and high-standard teaching work. Our teaching staff is also outstanding in research. Our professors have published many hundreds of works, including some 50 books, and they also nourish professional relationships with reputable European and American universities.

The secret of success probably also lies in the high standards of work we put into formulating our study materials. If requested, we also provide these in direct Hungarian-English translation. Following this we offer effective consultant assistance with composing the final thesis or dissertation, which is also an important work from the company's point of view. In other words, we implement the individual further education process with time-saving benefits.

Just to mention as a reference we currently provide tailor-made, time-efficient and at the same time high-quality education programs to the presidents and technical/financial senior managers of 50 to 75 prestigious partner companies. (Each company or institution registers an average of 1-4 individuals with our association, which makes up a total number of 150-200 Ă­participants, which we consider to be optimal.)

We are also proud to note that among our Partners are founders of successful companies, diplomats accredited to Hungary, Olympic champions, higher education managers, moreover, well-known players of the social and political arena. Nevertheless, our efforts in education and research are guided exclusively by professional and scientific aspects.

Since the introduction of our system 20 years ago, we have received positive feedback from hundreds of Partners about the excellent reception of their knowledge on the management market. This is also reinforced by the fact that many of our alumni have been promoted to a higher position after having graduated from our Academy..

We look forward to welcoming you as a Participant in the Econovum Academy, and to the Manager's Club!

Thank you for your kind interest!

On behalf of the teaching staff:

Dr. Attila Szilárd Iványi
Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, University Professor, Managing Director

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